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In order for you to take your creativity even further with our products, we have made templates of leaves to cut out and decorate available for you. Their design is sophisticated but the execution is simple and fun! You can use them in several situations – at parties, for instance, you can make decorate walls and tables beautifully according to your theme; you can also decorate your kids’ room and living room with them, use them as parts of games and plays or even add them to gift wrappings. You can find the instructions below. And if you want to use your own colours of paper, make sure to download this template.


Print the leaves using 120-220g paper sheets.

Cut the leaves following the dashed line. For more elaborated shapes, we recommend you use smaller scissors.

Fold the leaves slightly following the solid line to create a 3d effect and make the leaves more sturdy. You can always add some extra details by drawing on the leaves.

Enjoy and please share your creations with us on Instagram using the hashtag #studioroof.

Download the templates

Wall decoration – Kids Room

Coloured leaves / Green leaves

Celebration – Wrapping Ideas

Coloured leaves / Green leaves

Wall Decoration – Living Room

Coloured leaves / Green leaves

Kids Craft – Party Headdress

Coloured leaves / Green leaves

Celebration – Cheerful table

Coloured leaves / Green leaves

Celebration – Party Bunting

Coloured leaves / Green leaves