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The manufacturing in China

In March 2024, Romy and Anaël traveled to Hong Kong and the southern region of China to visit our long-term manufacturer.

We value taking you behind the scenes of our product creation process and sharing this moment that has solidified the origin and longevity of our successful collaboration.

At Studio ROOF, we prioritize ethical practices and the well-being of our partners. Our manufacturing partner in the south of China has been in operation for over four decades, and we have proudly collaborated with them for nearly ten years. The audit reports conducted ensure that our products are made under the best conditions. Like us, they are a family business, and their commitment to quality and sustainability aligns perfectly with ours.

Our decision to work with our Chinese partner is based on several factors. Their infrastructure allows us to create our products using recycled cardboard and vegetable-based inks, fulfilling our mission to offer eco-friendly products. Their flexibility and attention to detail enable us to bring our imaginative designs to life, ensuring that every Studio ROOF creation is sturdy, long-lasting, and of the highest quality. Additionally, their ISO 9001 certification assures us of their commitment to producing goods of superior quality.

We understand the concern about the environmental impact of shipping our products from China to Europe. To address this issue, we consolidate our shipments into 2 or 3 large orders per year, reducing the frequency of shipments and opting for eco-friendly maritime transportation. While this may result in occasional delays due to maritime conditions, it aligns with our commitment to sustainability.

Visiting the factory and meeting our partners firsthand reinforced our feelings and choice to continue this partnership and keep growing together.
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